Skip Bins Available For Hire

Proper collection of garbage is something that always makes one feel proud as it promotes cleanliness as well as a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren to play in. Imagine how the country would look like if garbage were left carelessly on the streets, construction sites and even residential areas. One of the most remarkable tools when it comes to the collection of massive sums of garbage is a skip bin. This is a large waste container which comes with a broad open top that creates an opening for trash to be placed inside. The design of the skip is so that it can be simply loaded onto a truck to be transported to the garbage collection site. When looking to hire a skip bin for services, one should be aware of the various types which exist in the market as well as the specifications for each. This includes the size of the bins for hire--to prevent hiring small bins that will be ineffective--as well as the types of garbage allowed inside each bin classification. Some of the rubbish skip types include the green rubbish skips and the scrap steel skips.

  1. The Green Rubbish Skips – The green rubbish skips are intended for the people who have a lot of green material to get rid of. The word green points out that the bin is designed for things such as cleared shrubs, cut grass as well as pruned trees. Other things which can be included are weeds from gardens and farms, the barks of trees as well as any other plant materials which are considered as waste. It would be totally against regulations when you hire a green skip bin and fill it up with prohibited wastes such as rocks, soil, bricks, liquids as well as chemicals. Doing this can land you in trouble with the authorities which may result in hefty fines.
  2. The Scrap Steel Skips – The scrap steel skips are specially designed for people who need to dispose of materials made from metals or steel. This can also be derived from the name itself as anything which is a non-metal is prohibited from the scrap Steel skips. Most of the wastes placed in this class of bins include car engines, metal pipes, tools, steel fences and their panels as well as white goods. The strict regulation to have the containers filled strictly with metal is to reduce the need for garbage sorting and instead take the waste directly to a recycling site thus saving on time.