3 Reasons Why A Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Service Is A Wise Idea

Winter is well and truly over for the year and in many parts of the country summer has made an early appearance. Record-breaking high temperatures and unseasonal heatwaves mean that air-conditioners across the country will be switched on months earlier than usual to help combat the hot weather.

With the onset of hot weather comes a high demand for repairs to air-conditioning units that aren't prepared for the extra out of season usage. This often means that if your air-conditioning breaks down during a hot spell, you may be waiting for an extended period of time before a technician can come to your home and repair it.

To avoid a long, hot and uncomfortable wait for repairs, it's a smart move to make an appointment to have your air conditioning unit serviced before the full heat of summer arrives. Here are three reasons why booking a maintenance check for your unit is a wise idea:

1. Improved performance

A well maintained air-conditioning unit will offer you superior cooling performance, particularly on very hot days. Poorly maintained units will struggle to operate at full capacity and may not effectively cool your home when you really need it to. A well-maintained unit is also more economical to run, which means your electricity bill won't be astronomical.

2. Identify problems early

Like any electrical appliance, even a very minor problem with your air conditioning unit that is cheap to repair can become a very big and very expensive problem if it's neglected. A maintenance check will identify any problems that need immediate attention before they develop into serious issues that will require extensive repairs or even complete replacement of your unit.

3. Reduce health risks

It's very common for air conditioning units to attract pests such as cockroaches, geckos, mice and rats. They can cause problems with the unit's electrical circuits and they can also cause health risks if they die and their bodies are left to decay inside the unit. Bacteria and mould may develop, which will then be blown into your home for you to inhale.

Poorly maintained air conditioning units also accumulate a lot of dust. This will also be filtered into your home and can cause respiratory issues, particularly if any of the occupants suffer from asthma or breathing concerns.

Having your air conditioning unit checked and serviced is essential if you want to be assured of effective and reliable cooling of your home this summer. Book an appointment with your local air conditioning repair company before they are overwhelmed with the inevitable barrage of repair work that summer brings.