What You Need to Know About Solar Pool Heaters

Swimming pool owners who would like to heat the water need to gather sufficient information about the different options that are available so that they can select the best. Below are key benefits and drawbacks of installing a solar pool heater.

The Advantages

Affordable Operating Costs. Owners of solar pool heaters do not have to worry about monthly energy bills because the heater uses heat from the sun to warm the swimming pool. The only costs you may incur could be the energy costs of running your supplementary heat source on the days when it is cloudy.

Eco-Friendliness. Solar pool heaters are also good for the environment because they depend on a renewable energy source (the sun) to operate. This means that you will not have to worry about pollution, such as what happens where people use gas or oil heaters.

Energy-Efficiency. Solar pool heaters are also energy-efficient because you do not need any extra mechanism to move the pool water through the water circulation system of the heater. The pool pump does that work as it moves the water through the filtration system.

Durability. Solar pool heaters can last for much longer than other types of heaters, such as electric heaters. It is common to find solar heaters that can last for two decades. Consequently, the overall cost of owning the heater comes down if its cost is spread out over such a long time.

The Disadvantages

High Purchase Price. One of the biggest drawbacks of solar pool heaters is that their initial cost is much higher than the cost of other options. This can put off some people who cannot raise that amount of money.

Dependence on the Sun. Solar pool heaters can perform unsatisfactorily in areas with heavy cloud cover. It is also impossible to use the heater at night. This can compel you to get an additional heat source to use during those times when the solar heater is unable to do its work.

They Work Slowly. It takes a solar heater a longer time to heat your pool water. This is unlike some other options, such as gas heaters, which heat the water quickly. You, therefore, need to be patient to enjoy a warm swim if you have a solar heater.

Consider all the benefits and drawbacks carefully before you make a final decision. Consult pool heating experts for advice about the other options so that you can select the best for your needs.